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 Its high-quality stitching and military-grade weaving features make it both rugged and durable.

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The R72 Vest eliminates the single-use concept. Simply add or remove any of the modular bags or flotation panels.

You've heard of a 72-hour kit, usually stored in a cheap backpack, collecting dust, filled with inadequate supplies.

And because it's a vest, it distributes weight evenly, lessening pressure on your back and increasing stability.

Tactical Vest = Maximum Functionality

The original

R72 Grab&Go vest

25+ features

Military-grade quality

Water repellent

Expandable with MOLLE

8 modular bags

1 tube tent

3 removable flotation liners

One size fits most

Multi-purpose packaging

For adventures & emergencies

Prepare For Anything

Modular Vests, Bags, Gear, and Food for Emergencies & Adventures

R72 is a proud partner of ReadyWise Foods! ReadyWise is perfect for all the necessary freeze-dried food required for any situation.

Featuring the The R72 Grab&Go Vest!

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R72 45L Backpack


Regular & Premium First Aid Kits

R72 has your back  for all of life's 72-hour emergencies and adventures

R72 products focus on helping individuals and families prepare for the worst, while also living life to the fullest.


The Original

R72 Grab&Go Vest

R72 Modular Bags & Gear

R72 Apparel

- Joseph Z.

Arrived yesterday! Love it and awesome quality. Thank you!

- Jeff N.

Received my vest and this is cool as hell. Sturdy and very well thought out. Modular as advertised. Prepper's dream! This just hits on every level.  

- Joenee B.

My 4 R72 Grab&Go Vests are packed, strategically placed, and ready to go in case another earth quake hits. I am prepared for the worst!



Dr. Jason Campbell


It is proven that distributing weight more evenly in a backpack reduces joint pain and increases stability. This is especially true while hiking and camping. The R72 Grab&Go Vest easily allows users to achieve this concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

MOLLE stands for Modular, Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment

All R72 modular bags can be used on and off the R72 Grab&Go Vest, or attached to each other

​What makes the R72 GRAB&GO VEST different from other life vests or disaster preparedness kits?

Too many lives are lost unexpectedly. The R72 GRAB&GO VEST combines protection (e.g. removable flotation feature in case of flash floods or storms) and organization of the basic necessities (like food, clothing and shelter) that can be useful in the event of disasters, both natural and manmade. It's named the R72 GRAB&GO VEST because the contents you pack should hold necessities for up to 3 days, or 72 hours. After disasters, it could take up to 72 hours for rescuers to reach those needing help. While not being utilized for emergencies, the vest can also be used for weekend adventures, also up to 72 hours. Most products only offer a receptacle for your basic needs for the days during and after a disaster. The R72 GRAB&GO Vest not only functions as a receptacle, but can also provide protection and flotation, particularly in urgent situations like flash floods and hurricanes/ typhoons. Also included are reflectors so that rescuers can easily see you.

​How is the R72 GRAB&GO VEST modular?

The R72 GRAB&GO VEST has modular webbing, so all bags can be moved, added, or removed, depending on the needs of the wearer. Nearly everything is modular - even the removable flotation inserts can be standalone.

​What is the maximum weight the R72 Grab&Go Vest can carry?

The R72 GRAB&GO VEST, which by itself weighs 6 pounds (2.7kgs), can carry more than fifty pounds of items (food, clothing, tools, etc.). We suggest keeping the load under thirty pounds.

​What is the R72 GRAB&GO VEST made of?

The R72 GRAB&GO VEST is made of 420D nylon, often used for camping backpacks. The material is light, durable, water resistant and fire resistant. It is also water dynamic, meaning, when used for water activities, it offers little resistance.

​Name some features of the R72 GRAB&GO VEST.

The R72 GRAB&GO VEST is made of 420D nylon, often used for camping backpacks. The material is light, durable, water resistant and fire resistant. It is also water dynamic, meaning, when used for water activities, it offers little resistance.

​Does the R72 GRAB&GO VEST guarantee my survival?

No. The R72 GRAB&GO VEST is a product that encourages disaster preparedness, awareness, and self-reliance. Buying the R72 GRAB&GO VEST means you acknowledge the unpredictability of disasters and are preparing yourself in case it happens. The vest may not guarantee survival, but it will increase your chances of survival. The R72 GRAB&GO VEST facilitates a disaster preparedness kit that includes a flotation function. Your survival depends on a lot of factors, including adequacy of the food and water that you packed, swiftness of rescue, and the weight of your R72 GRAB&GO VEST. Do not overpack your vest. Make sure your R72 GRAB&GO VEST fits you. Adjust straps to fit your comfort and preference. Lastly, the included R72 carabiners are not for climbing. Please use R72 products responsibly.

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