No. The R72 GRAB&GO VEST is a product that encourages disaster preparedness, awareness, and self-reliance. Buying the R72 GRAB&GO VEST means you acknowledge the unpredictability of disasters and are preparing yourself in case it happens. The vest may not guarantee survival, but it will increase your chances of survival. The R72 GRAB&GO VEST facilitates a disaster preparedness kit that includes a flotation function. Your survival depends on a lot of factors, including adequacy of the food and water that you packed, swiftness of rescue, and the weight of your R72 GRAB&GO VEST. Do not overpack your vest. Make sure your R72 GRAB&GO VEST fits you. Adjust straps to fit your comfort and preference. Lastly, the included R72 carabiners are not for climbing. Please use R72 products responsibly.