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Nonprofit Subsidy Program


JOIN US IN OUR MISSION: Inspiring individuals and families to live their best lives while also being prepared for the worst.


We would be honored to support your work! Like you, we've personally experienced unexpected emergencies and disasters and lost friends to flash floods and other natural disasters. We're on a mission to help the alarming number of people not prepared for natural disasters and unexpected emergencies, live ready for anything.

We are a small group of friends who specialize in different fields - medicine, disaster response & security, recreation, innovation & design, sales & marketing, sourcing & fulfillment, and finance. Our collective experience and shared resources allow for the unique collaboration of R72’s unmatched products. 


Apply to R72’s Nonprofit Subsidy Program if you intend to utilize our products for humanitarian or charitable use - you will receive discounted rates (& tax free), personalized account management, and additional resources.

Even if you are not affiliated with a registered organization, we encourage you to apply. While we do prioritize registered organizations for R72’s subsidy program, we do offer subsidies to community groups and individuals. 

R72 Subsidy Program

R72 provides subsidized rates to community groups and individuals working to provide emergency preparedness products to those in need. While we prioritize registered 501(c)3 organizations for our subsidy program, we do offer subsidies to individuals and organizations providing natural disaster and emergency preparedness products to their communities. Please apply for a subsidy even if you are not a member of a registered 501(c)3 organization.


Once the application is accepted, you will be sent instructions on how to R72 products at discounted rates. In exchange for the discount, we do ask that you explain and photograph how the products are being distributed and used. NOTE: We are not able to accept donation requests for fundraisers or auctions.

Nonprofit Subsidy Application

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