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  • R72 Carabiners (6 pack)
  • R72 Carabiners (6 pack)
  • R72 Carabiners (6 pack)
SKU: r72-cara-6set

R72 Carabiners (6 pack)

$16.99 Regular Price
$10.99Sale Price

R72 carabiners are light, strong, rust-free, and designed for fast and convenient connections. The 3" design is just the right size for versitility. The large gate opening allows for easy clipping of ropes, knots, and gear. The built-in locking mechanism is easy to use and prevents items from unwanted separation. R72 carabiners are made of aero grade aluminum alloy with a polished finish. 


WARNING. This particular carabiner is not designed for rock climbing and has a static force limit of 150 pounds with the locking nut in the closed position.



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