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Staying safe during emergencies

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), property crime in 2018 happened across America every 4-5 seconds and violent crime occurs every 26-27 seconds.

Here are quick safety tips during emergencies:

  • Be Confident - or at least seem confident. Confidence is one of the keys to survival when chaos arises. Walk with purpose (brisk walk, if possible) and look people in the eyes. Not a naturally confident person? Fake it ‘til you make it.

  • Situational Awareness. Be alert, but not paranoid, and exist in the present. While outdoors and/or in public, eliminate distractions like phones or headphones – engage all your senses so that you are fully aware of your situation and surroundings.

  • Know Your Neighbors and Fortify Your Home. Your city, town, or neighborhood may have an emergency or disaster plan in place. Reach out to local authorities to inquire of local evacuation centers and communication methods. Introduce yourself to new neighbors so that you can potentially collaborate in times of crisis.

Enhance your safety plans by:

  1. Keeping your home well-lit. Darkness attracts unwelcome trespassers and gives them hiding places.

  2. Investing in a security system. From doorbell and property cameras to alarm or CCTV’s, options for security are plentiful. Shop around, as not all security systems require monthly subscriptions. Many solutions monitor your property while you are away from home and communicate seamlessly with personal mobile devices.

  3. Acting fast. Program emergency contacts into your cell phone or have a list next to your landline phone, including local law enforcement and medical centers. “See something, say something.”

Bonus: Dogs are not for everyone, but intruders hate dogs for two reasons - their bark and their bite. If your dog is intended as a guard dog, ensure proper training.

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