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  • R72 Emergency Chest Seal
  • R72 Emergency Chest Seal

R72 Emergency Chest Seal

  • R72 occlusive Adhesive dressing designed for open chest wounds 
  • Used by the military, police, fire & rescue, EMS, and First Responders
  • Large circle (6"x 6") for maximum coverage area
  • Large pull tab for easy application
  • Transparent backing for easy placement over the effected area
  • Strong medical grade hydrogel adhesive for a superior bond
  • 1. Clean and dry the wound area.

    2. Remove the protective liner from the chest seal.

    3. Place the chest seal over the wound and press the adhesive side firmly to the skin.

    4. Ensure the chest seal is firmly seated to allow pressure from the inside of the wound to escape, but keeping exterior elements from entering the wound.

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