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  • R72 LED Pocket Sized Flashlight (2-pack)
  • R72 LED Pocket Sized Flashlight (2-pack)
SKU: r72-blk-penlight

R72 LED Pocket Sized Flashlight (2-pack)

  • This pocket sized R72 pen light Weighs only .7oz. , and conviently stores anywhere a light may be needed.
  • The flashlight is very bright and can light up a concentrated area with a bright and stable beam, making it ideal for up-close working.
  • This highly water resistant pen light is made of high performance aluminum alloy which is sturdy and durable, and rated to be used in the rain and snow.
  • Two AAA batteries (included) power this pen flashlight.
  • This compact flashlight is widely used for many applications. It is perfect for mecanics, any medical professionals, camping, emergency survival, and other outdoor sports.

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