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  • Sterile Skin Stapler
  • Sterile Skin Stapler
  • Sterile Skin Stapler
  • Sterile Skin Stapler
SKU: r72-sknstplr-sng

Sterile Skin Stapler


- Ideal for an emergency first-aid kit in the home or office, camping, hunting

- Use on humans or animals

- Disposable with 35 pre-loaded staples

- Sterilized

- Long shelf life


  • 1. Remove stapler from sterile packaging.

    2. Clean open wound where possible

    3.Lightly pinch skin together and hold the skin stapler at a right angle above the pinched area.

    4. Squeeze the skin stapler handle completely until it stops. Do not press down too hard on the skin.

    5. Release the handle completely and lift the stapler away from the skin.

    6. Repeat the process along the laceration placing staples roughly 1/4 inch apart.

    7. Only use the number of staples needed to close the wound.

    8. If the staples do not secure properly to the skin, remove and replace with new staples.

    9. The remaining staples should not be saved after use as the stapler is no longer sterile.

    10. Safely discard the stapler when finished.

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