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  • R72 Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device (3-pack)
  • R72 Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device (3-pack)
  • R72 Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device (3-pack)
  • R72 Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device (3-pack)
SKU: r72-zip-3pck

R72 Zip Stitch Wound Closure Device (3-pack)

$17.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price


The zip stitch consists of medical adhesive tape and a pair of polypropylene zip ties. The tape is a porous, nonwoven film that is designed to allow for a non-invasive, tight closure of a wound for a quick and successful recovery. The zipstitch reduces tissue trauma, improves patient comfort, and limits scarring during the healing process.


- Suture and staple free skin closure device (3)

- Reversible and adjustable bi-directional wound/incision approximation

- Hypo-Allergenic top grade medical adhesives

- Decreases potential formation of hypertrophic and keloid scars

- Reduces potential surgical complexities and speeds up wound closure

- Simple & easy to use

- Reduces risk of infection and mitigates the risk of damaging skin edges and adjacent tissue

  • 1. Clean and dry the laceration.

    2. Remove the Zip Stitch from its protective film.

    3. Apply the adhesive bandage portions of the Zip Stitch to each side of the laceration.

    4. Once firmly attached, Place hands on the zip ties on each side of the Zip Stitch and pull to the desired tightness.

    5. Wrap the wound area with coban tape or another ace type bandage to ensure the area stays clean and the laceration remains closed.

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